WCS: C$86.61 WTI: $86.61 | Rig Count Today: US 605 -27.6% YoY | CAN 111 19.4% YoY  

Purchasing industry data is just a first step to understanding the market. RigChart is built to provide efficient and slick workflow using your data ranging from field activity to your daily sales. We will structure and interconnect your data to make your strategic decision-making a breeze!

RigChart top level pages are very simple for intuitive and easy experience. While being uncluttered any first level page can be drilled down for more details with just few clicks. The interface is designed to highlight industry trends for any of the desired focus variables - operators, resource plays or geographic regions.

Familiar Google Maps navigation will provide you with geo-centric view on oil and gas development activity. With just few clicks you can get vital statistics on any geographical region. In addition those custom created regions can be combined into complex market segmentation schemes to track and correlate industry activity with your own business performance in these regions to gauge success of your regional teams.

We now offer a mobile version of our system so that you could be in touch with the market data while on the go. The mobile site allows most of the functionality of our desktop solution. Your management and staff will be able to perform quick lookups with just a few taps to get up to speed while at important meeting or on a sales call.